Our Services

From heavy mirrors to fish tanks, framed photo montages to walls of certificates, priceless artworks to sculptures
…just ask The Hangman.

Picture hanging appears a somewhat simple task – but can be quite complex when all factors are considered : placement, height, location, combinations, level, balance, lighting, different wall surfaces…and on it goes.

The Hangman’s task is simple : hang things perfectly – every time. Unfortunately, this is more involved than it sounds – and therein lies the challenge.


The Hangman is a picture hanging and art placement professional. Trained at a tender age by his father who purchased and installed artwork collections for corporate clients, his understanding of the technical and aesthetic aspects of the trade is second to none.

The Hangman hangs things:

  • – without string thus perfectly level & stable forever
  • – as flat as possible to the wall surface
  • – perfectly placed, spaced & balanced
  • – so that the hanging hardware is invisible

The Hangman strives to be:

  • – careful, trustworthy & attentive
  • – tidy, clean and considerate
  • – professional
  • – punctual & reliable