Frequently asked questions about our services

Do you offer advice/guidance about what to put where?

Yes, we commence each appointment with a consultation, during which we discuss the installation. If desired, we’ll offer suggestions/guidance on placement, heights, locations etc. We typically then go ahead & install the items immediately following the consultation, but can do a separate consultation & installation if desired.


Can you hang my picture/mirror/art/TV/cabinet/sculpture/dryer/fish tank/heated towel rail…?

Yes – we’ve hung all of those things, and more! Whilst the items may vary, the underlying principles are the same – it must be hung in the correct position, securely, accurately, invisibly & level.


Can you hang TVs?

Yes, although we’re unable to route cables behind walls. We don’t supply TV brackets – contact Suremount for that. There are basically two types of brackets : flat-on-the-wall (with little or no movement) and ‘full motion’ (articulated brackets that permit the TV to be pulled out from the wall, and twisted. They both have advantages & disadvantages – contact us for more detail.


My item is large & heavy – can you install it onto a gib wall?

Yes. Despite the relative fragility of gib, hanging heavy pictures, art and mirrors in this fragile material isn’t normally problematic – providing the correct techniques and hardware are employed.


I’d like to install an item on a cavity slider wall – is it possible?

Yes – we can often install quite heavy items (such as mirrors and even small TVs) onto cavity slider walls.

Can you install items over stairs?

Yes – although we need to ensure it’s done safely & within OSH regulations. We have specialized equipment that makes most such installations possible. Installations that require this equipment attract a surcharge of $50/hour on the hourly rates. It’s sometimes necessary to have 2 Hangmen onsite for such installations.

Can you hang items in concrete/rock/tiles/brick?

Yes – again, the correct technique and hardware is called for.


I’m not allowed to puncture the walls of my rented property – can you hang with adhesive products?

Firstly, this isn’t correct unless you’ve signed a specific clause in your rental agreement to this effect. However, having seen too many disasters & damage attributable to sticky pads/hooks/velcro, we will not use them to hang pictures. We can however, attach most pictures using light-weight fixings (hooks + 1.8mm diameter nails)  that leave very fine holes, which are easily filled. Heavier items require heavier fixings : the finest gib plugs require 5mm holes, and go up to 12.5mm holes.

I don’t want holes in my walls – is there a solution?

The only viable (beyond adhesives – see previous question) solution is a European suspension system where a slim alloy track is installed at the very top of the wall, and from that clear ‘cables’ suspend your items. This provides unlimited flexibility to change the items displayed, their position on the wall etc.


How far in advance do I need to book The Hangman?

We can generally find time to complete most hanging jobs within a few days of your call – please contact us and we can arrange a convenient time.


Do I have to be there while you complete the picture hanging?

Not unless you want to. We’re more than happy to meet you on-site, then complete the job and lock up when we leave. We’re happy to furnish references to attest to our character and professional nature.


How much does it cost?

Please refer to the “Services and Fees”section. To summarize, the base charge ($125) gets us on-site for one hour, any subsequent hours are charged at $115/hour – by the quarter hour. Additional charges are travel at $0.95/km (the round-trip from our base in Sandringham to you, and back to base) and hardware. If one-way travel time is greater than 30 minutes, total travel time in excess of 60 minutes will be charged at $115/hour.