Frequently asked questions about picture hanging

Can you hang my picture/mirror/art/sculpture/dryer/fish tank/heated towel rail…?

Yes – We’ve hung all of those things, and more! Whilst the items may vary, the underlying principles are the same – it must be hung in the correct position, securely, accurately, invisibly & level.

How much does it cost?

Please refer to the “Services and Fees”section. To summarize, the base charge ($125) gets us on-site for one hour, any subsequent hours are charged at $115/hour – by the quarter hour. Additional charges are travel at $0.95/km (the round-trip from our base in Sandringham to you, and back to base) and hardware. If one-way travel time is greater than 30 minutes, total travel time in excess of 60 minutes will be charged at $115/hour.

Regarding my mirror hanging – it’s very big and heavy – can you hang it – in gib?

Yes. Despite the relative fragility of gib, hanging heavy pictures, art and mirrors in this fragile material isn’t normally problematic – providing the correct techniques and hardware are employed.

Can you hang pictures in concrete/rock/tiles/brick?

Yes – again, the correct technique and hardware is called for.

I’m not allowed to puncture the walls of my rented property – can you hang with adhesive products?

Having seen too many disasters & damage attributable to sticky pads/hooks/velcro, we will not use them to hang pictures. We can however, attach items using mechanical hardware that is as unintrusive as possible.

How far in advance do I need to book The Hangman?

We can generally find time to complete most hanging jobs within a few days of your call – please contact us and we can arrange a convenient time.

Do I have to be there while you complete the picture hanging?

Not unless you want to. We’re more than happy to meet you on-site, then complete the job and lock up when we leave. We’re happy to furnish references to attest to our character and professional nature.